Patricia ‘Kings Lake Karen’ Schmidt Caught On Video Harassing ‘Half-Breed’ Kids With Racist Rants

Patricia 'Kings Lake Karen' Schmidt Caught On Video Harassing 'Half-Breed' Kids With Racist Rants

A white schoolteacher in Florida has allegedly been terrorizing her neighborhood with racist rants targeting children who try to use a walking path near her house.

The woman driving a Mercedes Benz was caught on video Sunday in the Kings Lake neighborhood of Naples calling a woman “white trash,” and referring to her children as “mulattos” and “half-breeds.”

“Neighbors said over the past several years, the woman has made it her mission to guard her property and a walking path, which has a sign indicating it’s for Kings Lake residents only,” according to the local NBC affiliate, which did not identify the woman but reported that she works as a teacher in the Collier County School District.

A mother told the station she was walking the path, which leads to a pond, with her children on Sunday when the woman stopped her Mercedes in the middle of the street, rolled down her window and began yelling at them.

“Did you pay for that path? You can’t afford to live in Kings Lake. You’re white trash!” the woman can be heard screaming in the video. “Are those your mulatto kids? Did you have sex with a Black guy? Your kids are half-breeds, look at them.”

Another mother in the community told the station that earlier this year, the woman yelled at her 8-year-old bi-racial foster son, who suffers from PTSD. “It made me incredibly angry for sure. I think she specifically targets kids,” the mother said.

Neighbors refer to the woman as “Kings Lake Karen.” Her property is adorned by flags with middle fingers and profanities, along with no trespassing and surveillance camera warnings.

“She’s just appointed herself the bridge troll of that little stretch of property,” one person said.

“She wants to know who they are, where they live, and has no problems telling them where to go,” neighbor John Courtwright said of people using the path.

Neighbor Douglas Rankin added: “If she’s terrorizing people in her car now, where’s it got to go before they do something? Somebody’s going to get hurt.”

According to the station’s report, the woman’s neighbors “just want peace,” and the Collier County School District is reviewing the video from the most recent incident.

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