Papoose (@PapooseOnline) & Remy Ma (@RealRemyMa) Unveil New 'Meet The Mackies' Website

Papoose (@PapooseOnline) & Remy Ma (@RealRemyMa) Unveil New 'Meet The Mackies' Website

"Love & Hip-Hop" stars Papoose & Remy Ma are pleased to announce the launch of their new website Meet The Mackies.

Remy offers:

"When it's real... it's ok to wear your heart on sleeve. #BlackLove comes in many different colors; it's not about race, ethnicity, or nationality. It's about being able to love and have real love through hardships and adversity. #BlackLove is unconditional, unbreakable, & unashamed---it's forever."

In an effort to connect with their fans directly, the new destination gives fans access to the same customized pieces of gear & merchandise that the #BlackLove couple wear themselves.

Pap & Remy are starting a new stage in their careers and are opening this store & website to continue growing their respective brands, provide fans with vital information about their upcoming shows, make exclusive music available and make their styles accessible to people who follow Remy & Pap's musical and television careers.

This new all inclusive web-portal is just the beginning for them, as they are discussing new business endeavors in addition to the website.

Papoose states:

"People that know me know loyalty and love is everything to me. If you believe in showing genuine love to your significant other, you're loved ones and family and friends. Remy and I consider our fans to be family, so want to spread that love to them as well!"

Please use this link to peruse, bookmark, and favorite Papoose & Remy Ma's new online destination: