Pandora Launches “Digicore By SoundCloud” Station

Pandora Launches “Digicore By SoundCloud” Station

Pandora launches “Digicore by SoundCloud” station, the first in a series of stations from SoundCloud’s music discovery series “SCENES”

The station set to launch on Pandora surfaces today’s hottest rising music communities emerging on SoundCloud

Today, Pandora and SoundCloud team up to announce the launch of “Digicore by SoundCloud” – a new station surfacing pop’s next genre-bending evolution from a community of underground DIY artists that started on SoundCloud. Originating from SoundCloud’s award-winning music discovery series, “SCENES”, “Digicore by SoundCloud” is the first from a series of stations set to launch on Pandora to amplify the hottest rising music communities and culture-shifting collectives bubbling up on SoundCloud. Listen to “Digicore by SoundCloud” on Pandora here.

Following the successful launch of “The Lookout by SoundCloud” on Pandora last year, the “SCENES”-inspired stations provide a place for fans on Pandora to discover the latest underground communities shaping the future of music. Additional “SCENES” stations to be announced throughout the year.

“Digicore by SoundCloud” will spotlight music from a young, diverse, internet-inspired generation of innovative artists embracing boundless genre influences. Powered by fans and hand-picked by SoundCloud’s team of music experts, the station will feature artists like aldn, angelus, dltzk, d0llywood1, ericdoa, juno, and midwxst, and more from SoundCloud’s original top 5 fan-favorite playlist “Pop’s Next Generation: Digicore” and “Digicore” short documentary.

midwxst says, “SoundCloud fostered a community that made me a lot of who I am today — both as an artist and a creative. It continues to be a breeding ground for experimentation and collaboration within niche communities of music makers as well as being the home for some of my most loyal fans. It’s a pivotal part of my music story and I am stoked to be part of its history.”

I appreciate SoundCloud for supporting the scene and really pushing us as a genre to the max,” says angelus. “It’s also exciting to see Digicore amplified with the help of Pandora and SoundCloud. Hopefully, it will open more doors for other artists and have them be inspired to start their own journey.”

Check out “Digicore by SoundCloud” now, and stay tuned for more “SCENES” stations to launch on Pandora in 2022.