Page Kennedy - The Story Of O.J. (Remix) [MP3]

Page Kennedy - The Story Of O.J. (Remix) [Track Artwork]

Nobody will ever state that following an act like Jay-Z is easy, or even advisable, but Page Kennedy not only felt he was up to the task, he proved it. Commandeering "The Story of O.J.", Page's remix is part affirmation, part response to the icon's new classic. Since maturity is the theme, in part, the Detroit native also showcases his own as he gives today's rap a pass and admits that there is room for everyone at the table.

As he himself puts it:

"HOV put us up on some grown man shit on '4:44' so I just wanted to expand on what he did with this song and play devils advocate. There are two sides to every story and I wanted to share both sides as I see them. I also wanted to show my own personal maturity in opening myself up to different kinds of rap music that I normally dismiss cause it's different from what I typically like."