P.Seize (@IAmPSeize) Is 'All Across The City' With It
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P.Seize (@IAmPSeize) Is ‘All Across The City’ With It

All Across The City” is the 4th visual from rapper P.Seize off his recently released LP ‘A Series Of Unnoticed Events‘.

“Talk it how you live it, I’m all across the city with it”

This hard hitting track with production from singer-songwriter & producer Astray (Shady Records/Universal Music Publishing Group) from Detroit is a tale of integrity & authenticity.

Globetrotter P.Seize, who has roots in Detroit, New York, & Denver, headed to Boston to film the visuals literally “All Across The City” with support from Focus Films out of Providence, RI, where P.Seize currently resides.

This wasn’t the wordsmith’s first time working with Astray, who also produced three other tracks on P.Seize’s impressive full length album ‘A Series Of Unnoticed Events‘, including the title track.

All Across The City” is a joint that will make your head nod, reminiscent of golden age New York rap, but never outdated.