Onyx – Just Slam [Video]

Onyx - Just Slam [Video]

Onyx takes us back in time with their new album, ‘1993’, so get your Timberlands, hoodies, and bald heads ready to “Just Slam”!!!

Ukrainian producer Stasevich handles the production on the album.

The beats sounds like it was made in ‘1993‘ with hard drums and dark samples.

The third single, “Just Slam”, will have rap fans slam dancing for another 20 years as Onyx carries on their tradition from the classic record “Slam“.

Onyx - Just Slam [Video]

Onyx rhymes are super grimey but the track has a good feeling.

You could be Red and Meth, Travis Scott, Uzi Vert / We the Slamboyz mothefucker we did it first” raps Sticky Fingaz.

“Just Slam” is great for basketball games and back yard barbecues.

Lets get the party started!!!