Oklahoma Sheriffs Kevin Clardy, Alicia Manning, & Larry Hendrix Awarded Donkey Of The Day

Oklahoma Sheriffs Kevin Clardy, Alicia Manning, & Larry Hendrix Awarded Donkey Of The Day

Oklahoma sheriffs Kevin Clardy, Alicia Manning, and Larry Hendrix awarded Donkey Of The Day.

Today’s Donkey Of The Day is nothing new under the sun at this point.

A while back (3.6.2023 to be exact), secret audio recordings of an Oklahoma county commissioners meeting between three sheriffs and a county commissioner were captured.

One of those recordings were racist in nature with County Commissioner Mark Jennings saying “It’s like somebody wanting this job, they don’t realize, like your job. I heard it the other day, said I heard 2 or 12 people were going for sheriff. I said fuck, lets get 20. They don’t have a goddamn clue what they’re getting into. Not this day and age. I’m gonna tell you something. If it was back in the day, when that when Alan Marshton would take a damn Black guy and whoop their ass and throw him in the cell? I’d run for fucking sheriff.”

Sheriff Kevin Clardy added “Yeah. Well, It’s not like that no more.”

Jennings added “I know. Take them down to Mud Creek and hang them up with a damn rope. But you can’t do that anymore. They got more rights than we got.”

You can give that audio a listen for yourself here.

Another one of those audio recordings captured was of Jennings, Clardy, and sheriff’s investigator Alicia Manning threatening to dig two deep holes and hire hitmen to kill off two reporters who happened to be father and son.

The dialogue went as below…

Manning:They are insignificant in my life, really. They bring no (indistinguishable)

Sheriff:The old saying is, what goes around goes around. It will. I told you it will.”

Jennings:I know where two big deep holes are here if you ever need them.”

Sheriff:I’ve got an excavator.”

Jennings:Well, these are already pre-dug.”

That audio recording can be heard here.

The murder dialogue continued as below…

Jennings: “But the thing of it is, you know.”

Manning: “We actually told the truth.”

Jennings: “I’ve known, I’ve known two or three hit men, they’re very quiet guys…”

Manning: “Yeah?”

Jennings: “And would cut no fucking mercy.”

Manning: “Yeah.”

Jennings: “In Louisiana. Cause this is all Mafia around here.”

Kevin: “Oh yeah?”

Manning: “Yeah, but here’s the reality. If a hair on his wife’s head, Chris Willingham’s head, or any of those people that really were behind that, if any hair on their head got touched by anybody, who would be the bad guy?”

Sheriff: “Who would be blamed for it?”

Manning: “Yeah!”

That audio recording can be heard here.

As a result, Charlamagne Tha God has awarded the Oklahoma sheriff officials a well-deserved Donkey Of The Day for their racism and recklessness.

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