Ohio State University Student Offers Account On Campus Attacks

Ohio State University (2013) [Logo Artwork]

Earlier today, an incident went down at Ohio State University which has left ten people hospitalized (at press time) & one suspect (who other media outlets say was an 18-year-old of Somali descent) dead. With all this in mind, The DigiSpot reached out to Raleigh/Durham vocalist Aaliyah Jackson (who happens to be a VannDigital.com affiliate & currently a student at Ohio State University) to offer her account on the campus attack that went down below…

Jackson begins by mentioning that "…it was rough". She continues by saying "they locked us down in the buildings and I didn't have my phone, my life utterly flashing before my eyes because I didn't know what was going on".

Now me myself, I can imagine how rough that can be for somebody that's pretty much right dead in the middle of a situation such as this. That shit can be traumatizing for people that haven't experienced something tragic as what has recently taken place at a prestigious college campus like Ohio State University.

Jackson elaborates by mentioning that "it could've gone the other way, I was less than 6 minutes away from the incident. They didn't let us out of the buildings but imagine yourself in the classroom, you don't know what's going on, and they've locked you inside 'for safety'. It was breathtaking. Once I finally got to my phone, my mom had called me almost 15 times. I'm just glad everything worked out for me and those around me". Jackson concludes by saying "I appreciate everyone who's reached out".

Our hearts go out to everyone that's currently hospitalized because of this incident.