Official Kenneka Jenkins Autopsy Results Released

Kenneka Jenkins on September 12, 2017 [Press Photo]

After months of speculations, conspiracies, & all that other shit, we're finally starting to get to the bottom of this.

According to BET:

An official cause of death has been ruled in the Kenneka Jenkins case.

According to CBS Chicago, a Medical Examiner's Office autopsy revealed that cold exposure was a substantial factor in the 19-year-old's death. She was also found to have alcohol and drugs in her system capable of better easing her into the early stages of hypothermia, later leading to her death.

Toxicology tests detected alcohol and topiramate, a medication for epilepsy and/or migraines in a woman's system, in Jenkins'. Her blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) was at 0.112, higher than the 0.08 legal limit for driving in the state of Illinois, the coroner's office stated.

Jenkins didn't have a prescription for any type of topiramate medication, according to her family. The coroner's office claims the amount of drug in Jenkins' system was in the "therapeutic range."

"Alcohol and topiramate are synergistic. When combined, the effect of either or both drugs is enhanced. Topiramate, like alcohol, can cause dizziness, impaired memory, impaired concentration, poor coordination, confusion and impaired judgment," a news release said. "Central nervous system depression, or impairment, combined with cold exposure can hasten the onset of hypothermia and death."

The circumstances Kenneka Jenkins' death sparked controversy nationwide. Her body was discovered in a basement walk-in freezer early last month at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rosemont, Illinois. The discovery of her body was made a full 24 hours after she was last seen at a party on the 9th floor of the hotel.

47 cameras captured 36 hours of surveillance video footage, but none showed Kenneka actually walking into the freezer, which leads to speculation over whether she voluntarily entered it and closed the door.