It’s Official…Jim Jones Signs To Roc Nation!!!

It's Official...Jim Jones Signs To Roc Nation!!!

For anybody that has been following Jay-Z’s career, this shouldn’t come across as a surprise at all. Jim Jones signing with Roc Nation takes me as well as any Jay-Z fan (notice I said fan and not dickrider) back to when he & Nas were going at each other song for song.

Jay-Z might’ve lost that battle but he would eventually win the war when Esco signed to Def Jam when he was the iconic label’s president. This situation with Jim Jones is no different.

It’s no secret that Jones’ former road dog Cam’ron was at one time locked into a distribution deal with Jay’s first label Rocafella Records and then things went the way they did from there. So far, Hov has won the battle with Jones by signing him to Roc Nation (with details of the deal still currently unknown).

Keeping in mind that Cam’ron is still holding a grudge against Jigga, will he eventually fold by signing to The New Roc??? Only time will tell…