'No More Top Nothings' For The @HipHopDigest Show

'No More Top Nothings' For The @HipHopDigest Show

That’s IT!!! No more Top 5’s, no more Top 10’s or anything like that!!! Why??? As soon as you hear what we have to say about that, you’ll probably agree. I mean we’re gonna give you some compelling info on why we should do away with that concept, or revamp it totally. And then there’s another teacher (substitute or not!!!) Doing quizzes on Chief Keef??? To elementary school students??? WTH??? Teacher, you failed. And lastly, you know when you’ve done something, and you apologize, and it doesn’t feel like the apology was accepted so you start your apology trail, 3-4 apologies later, you sound dumb… you messed up, you know it, everyone knows it, apologize, fix it, and move on. No more Rush Card talk!!! That and a lot more!!! Get in, listen, and SHARE THIS LINK!!! Special shout to Jeff Woodard who had us on for an interview!!! We’ll share that as soon as it’s ready!!! Humbled!!!


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