NOLAN fka “Houndstooth” (Audio)

NOLAN fka "Houndstooth" (Audio)

NOLAN fka (Nolan the Ninja) drops Lo-Fi Hip-Hop single “Houndstooth”.

Detroit rapper/producer NOLAN fka (also known as Nolan the Ninja) is back with a new single “Houndstooth”, out today on his imprint SPORT CAST.

Known for his boom-bap production and skillful lyricism, NOLAN takes a new approach and showcases his musical range with the soulful downtempo track.

NOLAN fka’s new single “Houndstooth” is unlike anything the multi-faceted artist has released thus far.

Produced by VIBSNDS, the track is a nod to the Lo-Fi community with its dreamy Hip-Hop infused downtempo sound.

The adept emcee that takes a laid back approach and the result is a smooth future soul record.

NOLAN states, “‘Houndstooth’ is a product of my admiration for outlets such as Soulection, Godsconnect, etc. It has that downtempo soul feel but also shows influence from the Lo-Fi community. The beat is dreamy, lyrics are relatable & it’s just an overall solid record that I think everyone will eventually add to their playlists.”

Titled after the two-toned textile pattern, “Houndstooth” is a song for the ladies.

NOLAN explains, “My aim is to always keep things ‘classic’ in my work. In other words, preserve culture. ‘Houndstooth’ is a classic global design but nobody wears it like a woman does. Not to mention a Black woman! And although the lyrics may suggest some toxicity, this track is really for the ladies!”

Since 2019, NOLAN fka (formally known as Nolan The Ninja) has been on a tear.

He released his acclaimed full-length LP ‘SPORTEE’ on Mello Music Group, including NOLAN’s breakthrough hit “Oranges“.

NOLAN gained global recognition after performing “Oranges” on the popular music performance series COLORSxSTUDIOS.

The Cali-born, Detroit-bred emcee/beatmaker has collaborated with some of rap’s most creative artists including Chuck Inglish of The Cool Kids, Quelle Chris, Homeboy Sandman, Chris Crack, among others.

“Houndstooth” is a demonstration of NOLAN’s range and potential as an artist.

NOLAN explains, “My previous releases focused mostly on hard hip-hop, boom bap? I hate that term in 2022. haha But now, I’m older & more cognizant of what I dabble in and how I want to showcase it.”

NOLAN fka is preparing to release a new project in 2023. “Houndstooth” channels where the Detroit artist is at the moment especially regarding situationships, which is ultimately the direction of his upcoming project.

NOLAN concludes, “This next record is my best one. It won’t just appeal to hip-hop heads because it’s relatable shit that we all go through as humans!”

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