No Biden Voters Allowed At Ohio Capitol Rioter’s Coffee Shop

No Biden Voters Allowed At Ohio Capitol Rioter's Coffee Shop

The owner of a coffee shop in Lisbon, Ohio stormed the United States Capitol building on January 6th — and now he’s telling people who voted for President Joe Biden they are not welcome in his store.

In an interview with local news station WKBN, C4 Coffee owner Adam Newbold said he didn’t want Biden supporters, transgender people, or people who support taking a knee during the national anthem to come into his store.

“If you voted for Joe Biden, don’t buy our coffee, it’s not for you,” he said. “If you feel that America is on the right track and there’s nothing wrong with gender neutral, don’t know which bathroom to use, use whichever bathroom you feel like during the day… don’t buy our coffee cause it’s not for you.”

Newbold also defended his decision to storm the Capitol building on January 6th, although he insists that he didn’t engage in any illegal activity and stayed on the steps outside the building.

“I was there, I witnessed the patriotic angry Americans chanting, ‘USA, USA,'” he said, although he also admitted that the riots were “a very volatile situation that is an absolute miracle it wasn’t more deadly than it was.”

Back in January, Newbold described the riots as “historic” and “necessary” and he said that “the reason I’m proud of Americans is because I wasn’t sure if we still had the spine anymore.”

[via Raw Story]

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