Nine Speaks On His New Album, Snowgoons, & More

Nine Speaks On His New Album, Snowgoons, & More

One of the many emcees I thought had next in my grade school years was Bronx native Nine. After bangers such as “Whutcha Want?” & “Any Emcee“, he pretty much dropped out of the spotlight and wasn’t seen or heard from much since then. So what happened to Nine from that point on?

You can find that out and some more in his recent interview with us below…

VannDigital: How did you come into contact with the Snowgoons?

Nine: They contacted me to be on the “The 90’s Are Back” single on the Goon Bap album. We had a chemistry and it developed from there.

You were supposed to blow up after the “Whutcha Want?” & “Any Emcee” singles…What kept that from happening?

Profile Records happened. They sold their label to Arista Records and would not let me go. During that time period, I fell out of love with this shit. Also, I had no representation, no active production. I was literally out here by myself not understanding music business. Everything had changed.

Tell us the inspiration behind the King album?

I did not like where I am placed at in the history books and I got better.

How did you end up on a New York Undercover episode?

The record was out and they called me. It was a great experience.

What encouraged you to strike out on your own as an indie artist?

The industry is not the fond of rappers over 40. We basically have no choice.

I remember when you were in a lawsuit with Jeep back in the day…How did that pan out in the end?

Very well, but I signed an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). So I can’t talk about it.

What is your take on today’s NY Hip Hop scene?

It depends on what you call hip hop. It’s been a great 6 months according to what I am hearing.

What are your plans to further promote King?

Keep grinding, keep pushing, and treat it like it just came out yesterday which is the beauty of being independent.

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