Nicki Minaj Speaks On Her ‘Pink Friday 2’ Album + More w/Apple Music

Nicki Minaj Speaks On Her 'Pink Friday 2' Album + More w/Apple Music

Nicki Minaj speaks on her ‘Pink Friday 2’ album plus more with Ebro on Apple Music.

The one and only Nicki Minaj joins Ebro in the studio just days after the release of her record-breaking album, ‘Pink Friday 2’.

Nicki shares a bit about what’s been going on in her personal life since the release of her last album and how she balances being vulnerable with her fans while also protecting her privacy.

Fans have noted that tracks like “Are You Gone Already” and “Last Time I Saw You” are some of the most personal songs the artist has ever released, and Nicki shares the stories behind them with Ebro.

Nicki also explains how she channeled her mindset during ‘Pink Friday’ while writing ‘Pink Friday 2’, her experience working with J. Cole on “Let Me Calm Down”, and collaborating with Drake on “Needle”, which, though she always felt belonged on ‘Pink Friday 2’, was originally created for ‘For All The Dogs’.

The discussion also touches on the incomparable energy of the Barbz, the media’s perception of Nicki, and how being an actor informs her musicality.

With a world tour on the way and new music continuing to drop, it’s clear that the album’s exciting release week is only the beginning of the ‘Pink Friday 2’ era.