NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell On Emmanuel Acho’s ‘Uncomfortable Conversations With A Black Man’

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell On Emmanuel Acho’s 'Uncomfortable Conversations With A Black Man'

Watch part one of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s interview with Emmanuel Acho for his series, “Uncomfortable Conversations With A Black Man”.

The NFL Commissioner sat down with Emmanuel Acho for an in-depth interview and is answering all the questions that everyone has wanted to ask. In the full interview posted to Emmanuel’s Instagram, he asks Goodell: “If you were to publicly express your remorse, apologize to [Colin] Kaepernick what would you say?”

A few additional questions Acho poses to Goodell:

  • “I’ve known for years now that the peaceful protests during the national anthem were never about the flag, to the point I want to rip my hair out sometimes and say, ‘It’s not about the flag!’ If you were able to relay that message, what would you say? Like, to the people who still think it is about the flag, what would you tell them?”
  • “What lessons have you learned in the past four to five months specifically after witnessing that (the murder of George Floyd) like so many others?

You can watch “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man” on @emmanuelacho’s IGTV.

A statement from Acho on the importance of the interview: “Personally, I’ve watched prominent figures like the Commissioner stand at the podium or address members of the media in times of crisis,” said Acho. “I wanted to have an uncomfortable conversation with Roger Goodell, the person, to delve into his personal perspective and how events in time have impacted his life, and what we can expect from him in the future. You won’t be disappointed.”

Part two of the conversation will run Monday (8.24.2020) at 7 pm EST.