NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell On Emmanuel Acho's 'Uncomfortable Conversations With A Black Man' [Part 2]

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell On Emmanuel Acho’s ‘Uncomfortable Conversations With A Black Man’ [Part 2]

NFL's Roger Goodell sat down with Emmanuel Acho for his series "Uncomfortable Conversations With A Black Man," where they discussed peaceful protests, what conversations NFL owners should be having with players, and more.

Key highlights from part two of the interview:

  • Roger Goodell on the disconnect between team owners and their predominantly Black workforce and players: "Make [NFL owners] have uncomfortable conversations with their players. Make them go and sit and listen. Don't listen to me in a league meeting. Go and talk to your players, have that conversation. Work with them, go with them on a ride-along. Many of our owners have by the way. They've gone on ride-alongs, they've gone to bail hearings. I've had an owner with me from the Saints, Gayle Benson who sat right there. It's the same thing. It'll move you to really truly understand what's happening in your communities that you may not be seeing every day. We may be privileged or in a different part of town. But it is happening nonetheless. And it's important to stop it and change it."
  • Roger Goodell on if he will support players peacefully protesting this season: "Yes. We have never disciplined a single player for anything with the national anthem and in violation. And I don't intend to. And I will support them."

You can watch "Uncomfortable Conversations With A Black Man" on @emmanuelacho's IGTV…Part one of the interview can be found here!!!