Newly Released Audio Reveals Details Behind Tom Brady & Bill Belichick's Strained Relationship, Departure From New England + More

Newly Released Audio Reveals Details Behind Tom Brady & Bill Belichick’s Strained Relationship, Departure From New England + More

This week's episode of "The Goat: Tom Brady" podcast, hosted by journalist and best-selling author Gary Myers, features never-before-heard audio of Tom Brady describing his strained relationship with New England head coach Bill Belichick and how the two never shared a meal or talked much when away from the field.

Coming off the heels of an NFL week where Tom Brady scored five touchdowns for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Bill Belichick was forced to bench starting QB, Cam Newton: The new episode, titled "Saving Coach Belichick", takes audio interviews and written accounts from Tom Brady, Robert Kraft, and other key figures from around the organization, to provide insight into the transactional relationship the two icons shared.

Episode highlights include:

  • Gary Myers on how even Brady was not immune to Belichick's transactional philosophy with players (17:40-19:18): "Belichick's philosophy has always been to get rid of a player a year too soon rather than a year too late and then welcome them back into the family when they retire…Yet, despite being the best coach-quarterback combination in NFL history…that did not tug at Belichick's heart and force him to make a decision that he didn't believe was right for his team. Brady was not surprised."
  • Tom Brady on his relationship with Bill Belichick, outside of football (19:35):

Myers: How often do you see the non-football Belichick

TB: Me? Very rarely!

Myers: Did you guys ever go out to dinner?

TB: I don't think we ever have [gone out to dinner], no. I think we're around each other so much that whenever we get time, nothing ever comes of it.

Myers: Have you ever had a conversation with him talking about your accomplishments together?

TB: Never. Nope. He's not a look forward or look past kind of guy. He doesn't care about any of those things.

  • Audio of Tom Brady Sr. accurately predicting how Belichick would move on from Brady back in 2017 (24:18): "One day in the future whether it's tomorrow or next year or three years from now, Belichick has to make a decision to cut the cord and Belichick figures this is a professional deal and as long as it's a professional deal, that's the way it is."