New Rory & Mal – Episode 32

New Rory & Mal - Episode 32

New Rory & Mal – Episode 32: "Thomas The Train"

*Insert episode about nothing*

Rory & Mal start off describing their wild night out with Jay Electronica, including a nasty table spread and accompanying hookah bill.

Mal lets the fans know he heard the feedback about his 'Carter 3' take, and Rory questions Lyfe Jennings and Fantasia's mindset when singing "Hypothetically".

This leads into a conversation regarding stepfathering on accident, and Karl The Cameraman gives his input on a tough situation.

Rory enlightens us on an awkward conversation he had with his accountant about his "personal" spending, which leads into a porn, train, and orgy's in Detroit topic.

They discuss the coolest rappers who can box, and reminisce on how Drake and Meek's rap battle set had the culture talking.

The guys do "classic" movie reviews.

TRIGGER WARNING: Mal says 'Belly' is a trash movie + more!

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