New Mexico Woman Christina Blair Awarded Donkey Of The Day For Road Rage Triggered By Man’s ‘Pro Vaccine’ Bumper Sticker

New Mexico Woman Christina Blair Awarded Donkey Of The Day For Road Rage Triggered By Man's 'Pro Vaccine' Bumper Sticker

A New Mexico woman is accused of road rage triggered by another driver’s pro-vaccination bumper sticker.

Christina Blair, 33, of Albuquerque, is accused of honking and cursing and later pulling a gun on a man whose bumper sticker declared that he’s vaccinated against COVID-19.

Police said Blair was also throwing water bottles at the other driver. It escalated when he accidentally backed into her car while trying to get away from her, police said. Blair is accused of following him to a Walgreens and pulling a gun on him.

“It is a little childish to do something like that, especially if people do have different views in regards to that, but overall, I think there has to be some sort of solution with the road rage here in Albuquerque,” resident Craig Soule, of Rio Rancho, New Mexico, said Tuesday.

Some drivers say the frequency of these stories is concerning.

“I think it’s just important, now more than ever, that we not let the things that are going on with the pandemic and the economy and everything else get to us,” Rita Lush, of Albuquerque, said Tuesday. “The road is not the place to express your frustrations.”

Police said the man involved in the incident captured the whole thing on video. Police tracked Blair down at her home using her license plate.

She admitted to honking at the driver because of his bumper sticker, police said, but said she only pulled out her gun because she was scared.

The district attorney’s office has filed a motion to keep Blair behind bars until her trial, calling her a danger to the community.

Blair was convicted in 2007 of aggravated assault, but the facts of that case were not available online.

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