Video: Cops Claim They Accidentally Killed Black Mother Of 5 In West Side Chicago
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New Info Concerning Chicago Cop That Murdered Bettie Jones & Quintonio LeGrier

New information has been released by the Chicago Police Department.

CPD officer of three years Robert Rialmo was the officer who killed Bettie Jones & Quintonio LeGrier. Concerns have been raised about the 3 hours it took the officer to report that it was his gunfire that killed these two people. And when he got his story “straight” it describes a situation where Quintonio LeGrier was running towards Bettie Jones with a baseball bat & in an effort to save Ms. Jones, he opened fire. It was 6 shots that killed Quintonio LeGrier & 1 shot to Jones’ heart. The autopsy shows that Quintonio had multiple gun wounds on his left side & back.

Janet Cooksey Holding Up Picture Of Her Son, Quintonio LeGrier, Who Was Murdered By Cops

The families of Bettie Jones & Quintonio LeGrier have since filed lawsuits against the city for these wrongful deaths. But at the same time, the families are further frustrated by the CPD’s clandestine approach of managing public perception & knowledge of the case – they currently have far too little knowledge of what happened that morning.

With multiple stories concerning where the police officer was the moment he opened fire and the delay of Mr. Rialmo to report the incident with the Independent Police Review Authority, Chicago state attorney Anita Alvarez has requested for a FBI investigation in the matter.

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