Neo-Nazi Forced To Clean Black Man’s Truck After Throwing Bottle

A video has gone viral on Twitter of a white man with at least one swastika tattoo being forced to clean a black man’s truck after throwing a bottle at it.

The video shows a bloodied white man after taking his shirt off to wipe down the side of the car. The tweet says, “This racist ass white boy threw a bottle at my cousin’s truck and well.... here’s the aftermath lmaooo”

The man filming the video tells the white man, “What’s your fucking problem?”

“I don’t have a problem,” the white man replies.

“I could split your other side,” the man filming the video says.

It’s difficult to see the specifics of all of his tattoos, but he has a teardrop under his right eye and the swastika on his left upper arm.

The video was shared first on another social site with the caption, “This white boy threw a bottle at my cousin’s whip thinking he was hard lmaooooo.”

[via Raw Story]


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