Neo-Nazi Arrested For ‘Terrorism By Symbol’

Neo-Nazi Arrested For ‘Terrorism By Symbol’

A California man has been arrested this Wednesday for a series of hate crimes that took place in the city of Carmichael, Fox40 reports.

Nicholas Wayne Sherman, 33, allegedly targeted a synagogue, an elementary school, and several homes back in October, where he left Nazi images and bags of rice on the properties.

When deputies stopped Sherman in his vehicle after he left for work early Wednesday morning, they found a swastika symbol on his keychain and more flyers in the back of his SUV. He was subsequently arrested. Police found more anti-Semitic and white supremacist material in his home.

Sherman was charged with one felony count of desecrating a religious symbol on the property of the Shalom Le Israel synagogue in Carmichael. Sherman was charged with 12 additional misdemeanor counts of terrorism by symbol for placing Aryan Nation flyers containing a swastika on the doorsteps of numerous Carmichael homes, and one additional misdemeanor count of terrorism by symbol for placing similar flyers on the property of Deterding Elementary School in Carmichael.

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