NE$$ & Baby J feat. Conway The Machine “Stripper Money” (Video)

NE$$ & Baby J feat. Conway The Machine "Stripper Money" (Video)

Baby J and NE$$ deliver their latest single, “Stripper Money” featuring Conway The Machine, from their collaborative album, ‘The Price Of Bread’.

In the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary underground hip-hop, where artists often blur the lines between musical expression and sociopolitical commentary, Conway The Machine–who has been leading a new wave of underground hip-hop talking about the realities of street life and not just the glamour and riches–teams up with UK producer Baby J (Mark Ronson, Dead Prez, Iman Thug, Shabazz The Disciple of Wu-Tang), and MC NE$$ (featured in The Source “Unsigned Hype”).

“Stripper Money” serves as the latest single to release from collaborative album, ’The Price Of Bread’, due for release on 10.27.2023!!!

The track explores the ever-revolving nature of money and how we often get trapped and caught up in its cycle.

While everyone is hustling to get ahead ultimately, we are often exploiting each other and never really progressing in a game that’s been set up for us to fail.

Exploring the themes of capitalism and all that surrounds it, the album illuminates the question “What is the Price of Bread?”.

Featuring further creatives that include Boca Chika, Fat Tony, Rukus, Octavia, Life Life, and many more.

Baby J and NE$$ have already released “Stick Up Kids” and “Illegal Business” featuring Coach NYM and Rukus.

“Stick Up Kids” stood as more than just a song; it’s a haunting exploration of abject poverty, seen through the innocent lens of a child growing up in the so-called “first world“.

It peels back the layers of societal neglect and exposes how circumstances can mold individuals into reluctant participants in the shadowy theatre of “street life”.

This track serves as a poignant reminder of the intricate dance between adversity and identity, a dance that often leads down unexpected, perilous paths.”

Meanwhile, “Illegal Business” is a powerful sonic manifesto inspired by the KRS One/BDP classic of the same name.

Featuring the distinctive voice of UK rapper Rukus on chorus, this track emerges as a striking commentary on the “the trap” and the systemic injustices that have woven themselves into the fabric of America.

It is a vivid narrative that plunges headfirst into the heart of America and the UK’s systemic issues.

NE$$ and Coach NYM, with Baby J’s production wizardry, use their verses as potent tools for social critique.

With every lyric, they lay bare the struggles faced by marginalized communities, leaving listeners with a profound sense of empathy and introspection.

In the tradition of hip-hop as a conduit for storytelling and societal reflection, “Stripper Money” is a stark reminder that the fight continues, and music, as a vehicle for change, remains as potent as ever.

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