NC Teen Erin Lewis Starts Food Pantry @ High School To Look Out For Classmates
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NC Teen Erin Lewis Starts Food Pantry @ High School To Look Out For Classmates

One Beaufort County High School is committed to making sure its students are taken care of. Students at Washington High School started a food pantry to make sure none of their classmates go home hungry.

What started out as a student government project is now a full time resource to students.

Senior Erin Lewis says, “We wanted to focus on those that need it, but they don’t want to tell us that they need it.”

Lewis along with other classmates and their supervisor decided to start a food pantry. It offers students non-perishable goods as many times as they need it with no questions asked. There are no advertisements or flyers for the resource because it’s anonymous.

“We don’t want the students to be embarrassed or the family to feel like they’ve done something wrong,” guidance counselor Jennifer Beach said.

Beach says students find out about the pantry through word of mouth.

“Those who were involved in it to start with, will let other students know, hey this is something we’ve got up and running we helped create it and you can see your counselor for help,” Beach said.

Project supervisor Laura Thompson says helping one another is what the Pam Pack is all about.

“It’s the idea that we’re not just here to teach you the material that you need to know to pass a test,” Thompson said. “We’re here to educate you for life. Part of that is nourishing the whole student, mind and body, and when we do both of those things we know students will have great outcomes.”

Dozens of students currently use the food pantry. The goal is to expand it and add perishable items. Washington High School also has sanitation items, school supplies, and clothes available to its students.

Bright Futures of Beaufort County donates items to help keep the pantry stocked.

For anybody who wants to make a donation:
Washington High School
c/o Jennifer Beach
400 Slatestone Road
Washington, NC 27889
(Make checks or money orders payable to WHS/Pantry)

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