NBA All-Star DeMarcus Cousins Dishes On Being ‘Almost 100 Percent Recovered’ + Why He Loves Comedy On ‘Kevin Hart’s Cold As Balls’

NBA All-Star DeMarcus Cousins Dishes On Being 'Almost 100 Percent Recovered' + Why He Loves Comedy On 'Kevin Hart’s Cold As Balls'

This week’s episode of the online sports interview series, “Cold As Balls” from Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud, features NBA All-Star DeMarcus “Boogie” Cousins dishing on the Golden State Warriors, where his confidence comes from, why comedy is so special to him, and why Draymond Green is the worst dresser in the NBA.

Episode highlights include:

  • DeMarcus sharing he doesn’t really care anymore that he is misunderstood (1:05):People are going to have their opinion about you if it’s good or bad… no matter if you’re doing good or bad. It is what it is.”
  • DeMarcus revealing that he was disappointed by what went down at Golden State (2:00):I’ve been built up to handle these situations. I go through my little pity party like most humans do and I get back to work.”
  • DeMarcus chats about his first stand up comedy special “Boogie’s Comedy Slam” and what kickstarted his love for comedy (5:30):I can remember being a kid, watching comedy with my mom. That was probably some of the best times of my life, that whole vibe family being together, laughing, enjoying each other’s company.”
  • DeMarcus tells Kevin he’s pretty close to being 100 percent better from his torn ACL (7:40):Working my tail off everyday. The pandemic did not stop my process at all. I’m going to be ready to go.”
  • DeMarcus sharing how New Orleans was unique from the situation he was in before (3:35):New Orleans was finding that joy again… being put in that position and actually having a franchise that was trying to win…

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