Nacho Picasso & TELEVANGEL “Do It For Johnny” (Audio)

Nacho Picasso & TELEVANGEL "Do It For Johnny" (Audio)

Nacho Picasso and TELEVANGEL announce their new album, ‘Jesse’s Revenge’, plus drop their first single, “Do It For Johnny”.

Nacho Picasso, teaming up with the innovative production of TELEVANGEL, proudly release their first single, “Do It For Johnny”, from their upcoming album ‘Jesse’s Revenge’.

This track is available now to stream and cop across all major digital streaming platforms, presented by Old Soul Music.

“Do It For Johnny” by Nacho Picasso and TELEVANGEL (Blue Sky Black Death), is a raw and gripping portrayal of loyalty and retribution.

The track immerses listeners in a dark and compelling narrative, driven by Nacho Picasso’s evocative lyrics and TELEVANGEL’s atmospheric production.

This song captures the essence of standing by one’s principles and taking a stand against adversities, resonating deeply with fans who appreciate authentic and powerful storytelling through music.

Its haunting melody and gritty beats make it a standout piece that showcases the duo’s unique synergy and artistic vision.

Nacho Picasso & TELEVANGEL "Do It For Johnny" (Audio)

‘Jesse’s Revenge’ is a powerful return, immersing listeners in a cinematic journey filled with raw grit and dark allure.

The album weaves a tapestry of intense narratives and brooding beats, exploring themes of vengeance and introspection.

TELEVANGEL’s production crafts a moody, immersive atmosphere, perfectly complementing Nacho’s sharp, evocative lyrics.

This collaboration marks a compelling fusion of storytelling and sound, capturing the essence of an artist re-emerging with bold, unfiltered expression.

Nacho Picasso, known for his dark, witty lyricism and commanding presence, has consistently pushed the boundaries of hip-hop with his distinctive style and provocative themes.

His previous works have garnered critical acclaim and a dedicated following, establishing him as a standout voice in the genre.

TELEVANGEL, previously from the group Blue Sky Black Death, is renowned for his innovative and eclectic production style.

His ability to craft immersive and textured beats make him a perfect counterpart to Nacho Picasso.

Together, Nacho Picasso and TELEVANGEL create a powerful and unique musical experience that blends storytelling with cutting-edge production, offering listeners a deep and engaging auditory journey.

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