Mystic "Still (Love)" (Video)

Mystic "Still (Love)" (Video)

Bay Area legend Mystic shares "Still (Love)" video, part two of upcoming short film.

GRAMMY-nominated rapper, singer, and Bay Area legend Mystic (affectionately known as the DU Goddess of Digital Underground) released her long-awaited third album (and first full-length project in eight years) 'Dreaming In Cursive: The Girl Who Loved Sparklers' on all major digital streaming platforms via Beautifull Soundworks/Soulspazm in August of 2022.

After an overwhelmingly successful Indiegogo fundraiser, fans and supporters were promised a companion piece to the album in the form of a short film entitled "A Black Love Trilogy".

Today (4.7.2023), Mystic shared the second of three parts of this film in the form of an official music video for album standout "Still (Love)".

Mystic "Still (Love)" (Video)
Photo Credit: Taj Williams (aka vizualzen)

"'Still (Love)' was written and grounded in the lesson of understanding that not being in a relationship with someone and loving them in a purely non-romantic way is sometimes the best thing... It is one of the most powerful lessons in love that I have learned. If we ask, 'How can I love you better?' which is really asking, 'How can I serve you better?' or 'What do you need?', sometimes we do not get the answer we want. However, that does not mean we do not get the answer we need. I needed this lesson to move forward and reshape how I may or may not walk into love. This song is not represented as it was written on the album in the way it is represented in 'A Black Love Trilogy'. The visual narrative represents two people in love who recognize that they may lose their love and decide to hold onto each other to push forward to the redemption that can be found in Black love. Thus, romantic love is upheld. Instead of closing a chapter, it opens a chapter in which love exists within the community context. There was a type of freedom for me in deciding the way I wrote 'Still (Love)' was not the story that had to be told. I embraced the power that comes with a visual storyteller and passionately felt and feel it is crucial to uplift Black love. That clarity has informed every step of 'A Black Love Trilogy'... I also realized that the song was closure for me, and it opened a beautiful process." -Mystic

Produced entirely by Walt Liquor and Mystic, 'Dreaming In Cursive: The Girl Who Loved Sparklers' serves as a celebration of love and healing, and Mystic's first full-length album since 2014's 'Beautiful Resistance'.