Mystery New Jersey Man Awarded Donkey Of The Day For Peeing On His Ex-Wife's Grave Every Day

Mystery New Jersey Man Awarded Donkey Of The Day For Peeing On His Ex-Wife’s Grave Every Day

A mystery New Jersey man has been awarded Donkey Of The Day for peeing on his ex-wife's grave every day for 48 years.

One thing about it, this is hurtage at its worse.

48 years is a helluva long time to feel the hurtage that today's Donkey in question is feeling.

For every day for 48 years (we're assuming, correct us if we're wrong), a mystery New Jersey man took it upon himself to travel from his home in Bergen County all the way to Tappan Cemetery in Rockland County, New York just to piss on his ex-wife's grave.

Talk about serious hurtage yo 😲

The ex-wife in question has been identified as Linda Torello.

This mystery man would keep doing this until Torello's son, Michael Andrew Murphy (who records on Danny Diablo's Ill-Roc Records under the name Diggy Ill-Roc as well as run said label), was able to catch him on tape doing the deed.

"I could see him up there like this and I could hear the urine hitting the ground and my heart…" said Murphy. "I promised my wife and kids the day before, I promised my sisters, because I was fuming, I would not hurt the man. But we wanted to do it the right way, we thought we'd get justice this way."

Before capturing video footage of Torello's ex-husband's hurtage, Murphy and his sister were able to start connecting the dots when started finding deli bags full of shit (literally) near her grave.

The mystery New Jersey man has since been arrested for his actions but he has yet to be charged (which is also why his name has yet to be released at the time of this post) for his craziness.

Charlamagne Tha God offers his perspective on this situation as well and you can give what that is a watch below…


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