MP3: YoungOldSoul – Lucid Dreams [Prod. Ant McQueen]

MP3: YoungOldSoul - Lucid Dreams [Prod. Ant McQueen]

YoungOldSoul’s newest release titled Lucid Dreams is more a stream of consciousness, spiraling through sleeplessness, persistent spirits, and poignant questioning. Produced by NYC-based beatsmith Ant McQueen–whose raw refined, vinyl-heavy sound fused with luscious melodies and thick, lo-fi boom bap chops are a perfect fit for YoungOldSoul’s vocals. Creative consultant Steelohim (formerly Kinetic of Arsonists) knew the symbiotic creativity between the two would be natural and effortless.

We hear the words “Father forgive me,” within the first seconds of the track and by the song’s end we still aren’t sure why or if it will ever be granted. We want answers. We want more.

Lines like, “What if the Pearly Gates deny my entrance? What if they read back all my leftover confessions,” leave us with questions of our own.

The melodies messaging and mystery of this artist are enchanting.

This seems to only be the beginning for this YoungOldSoul.

MP3: YoungOldSoul - Lucid Dreams [Prod. Ant McQueen]

About YoungOldSoul:
Homage-payer, songstress, poet.

Just as in the name, her music is an intoxicating dose of fresh nostalgia.

Buttery, ethereal and equally gritty. [Think: Groove Theory meets Alchemist].

Young Old Soul is a musing lyricist and storyteller.

With influences ranging from Ella Fitzgerald to Mobb Deep, (her first songs were written over the instrumental double-disc: ‘How To Be An MC, Vol. 11’), her style is rooted as heavily in the classics as it is in the present. Exposed to an eclectic array of music since birth (her mother played Al Green in headphones over her pregnant belly), it becomes clear the music gifted to her has transformed into a gift of its own.

The range of influence continues with Soul/R&B artists like Stevie, MJ, and Ms. Hill to Toumani Diabate (legendary West African kora player) as well as the UK Soul/Hip-Hop duo Children of Zeus (specifically MC vet Konny Kon) who has been instrumental in encouraging and providing a platform for the emerging artist. COZ has featured each one of her current singles on their monthly NTS Radio show which has since traveled to Jamz Supernova on BBC 1Xtra, Worldwide FM and other notable programs/playlists.

MP3: YoungOldSoul - Lucid Dreams [Prod. Ant McQueen]

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