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MP3: @WuTangClan Shares Raw Music Files For Public Collabos

Wu-Tang is taking the concept of collaborating one step further, by sharing their raw music files on a newly developed network that allows creators of a global community work on in-progress music projects together.

What the members of the classic Hip-Hop group have essentially done is expose a new generation of digital mavens to their unmastered music files. Music creators such as DJs and producers can add, subtract or remix as they see fit on Blend.

It’s about being in touch with what’s going on today not only in music and film but also taking the technology and marrying that to the traditional and fundamental methods we know to keep hip hop and the culture as a whole moving in forward directions that actually work and compliment the culture without taking away the essence of it,” says Oliver Grant aka Power, co-founder of Wu Tang. “Some things will work, some things won’t either way we have to find what works, make sense out of it and take those chances. Sometimes squares do fit in circles.”

Wu Tang today have debuted 2 songs from the ‘Wu-Tang Parental Advisory‘ album which lives on Blend. This allows the project to reach a larger pool of talented composers.

The tracks, called “So Many Detailz” & “Vegan“, will be presented on ProTools, Ableton Live, and Logic. “It’s ours, but we’re giving it to you, you guys take it and throw it back on us and lets see what sticks,” explains Grant. “The stuff that sticks could possibly be some good shit!”

So whether you’re into Hip-Hop or not, EMD, R&B, Pop, it doesn’t matter. If you’re a dope producer or music creator, the Wu wants you. Their looking to be shocked, rattled and blown away — your preference in music is of no concern, only skills count.

Stream “So Many Detailz” track:

Stream “Vegan” (by Cappadonna) track:

News source courtesy of Hip-Hop Wired & MP3 source courtesy of WuTangClan.com!!!