MP3: Wordsworth & JSOUL (@Wordsworth_eMC @JSOULSounds) – Blame It On The Music

Wordsworth & JSOUL - Blame It On The Music [Album Artwork]

If timing is everything then JSOUL & Wordsworth are right on schedule with their new single "Blame It On The Music", the title track to their upcoming album to be released on 9.23.2016 on HiPNOTT Records. "Blame It On The Music" has Wordsworth not accepting blame for the systems failures over an aggressive Hip-Hop/Funk-infused track by HiPNOTT producer JSOUL.

The eMC rhymesayer uses his bully pulpit to spit, "Police are steady hunting men / your back they put a dozen in / behind you running plates and they putting numbers in / Suffering, Democrats, Republicans they governing / Politicians not to help but for wealth they run again." Highlighting society's insecurities and informing that the music won't be a scapegoat. The only ones to blame for your speakers throbbing, head-nodding, is this incredible music from JSOUL & Wordsworth.

Wordsworth & JSOUL - Blame It On The Music [Album Tracklisting]

When asked about the project, Wordsworth said:

"Once I heard JSOUL's beats, the diversity caught my attention. Immediately my mind start racing with ideas and we started vibing to make something solid. We decided on the title 'Blame It On The Music' because it seems like the music is another excuse for society. Instead of a healthy dialogue just blame the culture of the youth. HiPNOTT Records represents quality and integrity of music. It's a home for artists and producers creativity but a movement of motivation."

You can give the first single, "Blame It On The Music", a listen below…Pre-orders are also available now via Bandcamp!!!

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