MP3: 'The Wifey Type' By @RoiChipAnthony

MP3: 'The Wifey Type' By @RoiChipAnthony

Mohitz Entertainment's hot R&B/Soul artist & producer Roi "Chip" Anthony has done it again by releasing the hot new Swing-Out/2-Step smash entitled "The Wifey Type". From producing, writing, & featuring on southern club hits such as Le'jit's "Dedicated & The Best", Lil Runt's "Would Ya Like It", & "I'll Be" & Lysa's "Sweet Nukie" & "Cause You Love Me" (Denise Williams classic), Chip definitely has the sound that DJs & the mature/sexy clubs are grasping too.

"The Wifey Type" fits right into this collage of club hits boldly reciting lyrics such as...

"If you don't love that woman then I'm gon take your lady away or somebody else will"

Ladies are simply loving these true lyrics & the smooth production compliments making the hot new upcoming Swing-Out jam of the South & the Midwest.

Known also for his classic ballads like "Why Don't People Slow Dance" & "Dealbreaker", Chip quotes:

"I'm doing many more Adult Contemporary singles for the steppers & Swing-OutĀ audience on the upcoming album. R&B/Soul is my focus as I continue to release high quality music like "The Wifey Type" & past releases but vow to make fans dance to it."

"The Wifey Type" is definitely a great add to Urban AC formats worldwide with a Southern vibe to it!!! It's the perfect blend of R&B/Soul & Swing-Out/2-Step music which has taken over the airwaves throughout the South!!!