MP3: U'Nik Flow (@UNikFlowPeace) - Columbine

MP3: U'Nik Flow (@UNikFlowPeace) - Columbine 1

U'Nik Flow was born in Harlem, NY. At the tender age of 5, U'Nik took part in a talent show performing a rap written for him by his mother. By age 8, the young rapper started to write his own lyrics.

U'Nik Flow On 1.21.2016 [2nd Press Photo]

When U'Nik was 13, his family relocated to Charlotte, NC, where he started to record his own music shortly after. Now that U'Nik Flow has found his sound as a voice for the people, he wants to be a rapper who is trying to bring forth wisdom to a generation. In lieu of recently losing his mother (the main source of one of his many inspirations), he channels his emotions in his music speaking for the individuals who are going through the same struggle.

You can also stream & download his 'U'Nik & Animated' project via Bandcamp!!!