MP3: @Tr1zz: Twisted Metal (Prod. By @AC3Beats)

MP3s: @Tr1zz: Twisted Metal (Prod. By @AC3Beats)
"Twisted Metal" is the end of the year single by Trizz. This Los Angeles based hip-hop artist is bringing his childhood memories to life. The fast and vivid images from the hot 90's-00s game are given to you in an unorthodox way. Speaking about the streets of Southern California, pin pointing the flaws in "gangtas". Revealing the truth about internet thugs, over a custom beat produced by AC3BEATS. 2013 is coming to a near end, but note that this is not the last time you shall hear original, west coast hip-hop tracks by Trizz and his producer. Be on the look out January 2014 for the collaboration album ,"Amerikkas Most Blunted" by Trizz and South Sacramento's native Chuuwee.