MP3: @TheStereoBoyz (@DetroitMixo @Mic_Audio2012 @Huey_Boom_Box) - Taxi

MP3: @TheStereoBoyz (@DetroitMixo @Mic_Audio2012 @Huey_Boom_Box) - Taxi 2

"Peace & Love to all of our supporters.

We bring you that classic material that we are & believe our culture is all about. Those that have been riding this 5yr+ journey with us (even If today is your 1st time hearing of us) we really appreciate you. Its been quite the trip, but like any Taxi or Uber ride it cost to get where you trying to go.

We didn't want to do the gofundme campaign because we speak better thru this music & like to work for ours. So we got with our Amsterdam family Soul Daad for the proper production to get these feeling out & hit the studio hard. So much amazing music came from those sessions. This is our effort to get it all to you. So on April 1st a "Taxi" will be on the way to pick you ...up & take you where you need to be.

All we asking is your same support....... Buy the Single on Tidal/iTunes/Google Play/Bandcamp, Share the Single, Play it Daily on the available Platforms Tidal/Pandora/Spotify/iHeart/etc, Call & request it on your local & college Hip-Hop station.

Every contribute no matter how big or small is much appreciated." -The Stereo Boyz

The Stereo Boyz on April 1, 2016 [Press Photo]