MP3: T.Wong (@TWongCreates) – Journey

MP3: T.Wong (@TWongCreates) - Journey

Columbus, Ohio singer/songwriter T.Wong is preparing to release his upcoming album, 'Journey', next month. To introduce listeners to the project today, T.Wong premieres the lead/title single "Journey".

T.Wong is known for his style of soulful gospel style & 2015 will see the Midwest vocalist make his mark on the music world when the full project drops next month. "Journey" is a ode to life experiences & an acknowledgement of the ways in which we grow & learn from them. This is a testimony that we can all relate to.

T.Wong says:

"Journey was birthed from wanting to convey the message of taking your own course through any negative opinions or innuendos. It represents the cyclical process of the process that is life. Graduating from one journey to move to the next, and learning to enjoy the steps of each…."

The visuals for "Journey" will be released 4.30.2015, followed by the album release & album release show on 5.14.2015!!!

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