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MP3: @DJJS1 (feat. O.C.) » Turn The Tables

There's a reason why the teacher and student relationship has stood the test of time. It's a bond that has been throughly documented in texts such as Robert Greene's Mastery; from The Odyssey to The Karate Kid, this dynamic has become commonplace in all art forms. Naturally, it would not take long for this relationship to find it's way into the world of Hip-Hop. Between Jay Z and Kanye West, Dr. Dre and Eminem, and Large Professor and Nas, it's no surprise that this model breeds greatness.

While KRS-One and Torae haven't cemented that connection just yet, "Klick Clique" could be the start of something new. Linking the Teacha with Da Young Veteran, the track serves as a reminder that the underground sound is alive and well. As both emcees ride DJ JS-1's supplied production; KRS with his consonance heavy bars and Torae with his lyrical gymnastics -- "Klick Clique" is one of the many standout tracks on DJ JS-1's latest compilation album, 'It Is What It Isn't', which you can cop below...

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'It Is What It Isn't' Album Tracklisting:

  1. Turn The Tables (featuring O.C.)
  2. It Is What It Isn't (featuring Blacastan, Illa Ghee, &Trez)
  3. 110 Percent (featuring Breeze Brewin, Homeboy Sandman, & Kyle Rapps)
  4. Give A Damn (featuring Dynasty, Eternia, & Sara Kana)
  5. Forgotten (featuring Spit Gemz, Wes, & Nutso)
  6. Pay Attention (featuring Soul Khan)
  7. Interference (featuring Esoteric & Ras Kass)
  8. Letchuknow (featuring Strick & Eklips)
  9. Whatever It Takes (featuring Murs & Fashawn)
  10. Higher Level (featuring Brother J & Professor X)
  11. DieHard (featuring Erick Sermon, Rahzel, & Buckshot)
  12. Klick Clique (featuring KRS-One & Torae)
  13. Groom Lake (featuring C Rayz Walz)
  14. Show Shockin' (featuring El Da Sensei, Tame One, & Reef The Lost Cauze)
  15. Infinite (featuring Ruste Juxx & Sav Killz)
  16. Profreshionals (featuring Ill Bill & Slaine)
  17. Love Me Not (featuring Kurious, Craig G, & Smooth B)
  18. My Neighborhood (featuring Pack FM)
  19. Soo Real (featuring Rasheed Chappell & Wordsworth)
  20. Sample Abuser (featuring AG, Sadat X, & Neek The Exotic)
  21. STCAF (featuring Lordroc, Eternal, Melo Malo, Lifelong, Truth, & Cerebral)

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