MP3: Stream 'Give A Damn' By @DJJS1 Ft. Dynasty (@YaGirlDynasty), Eternia (@TheRealEternia), & @SaraKana

MP3: @DJJS1 (feat. O.C.) » Turn The Tables

Hip-Hop has progressed leaps & bounds from its inception as a male dominated art form. From man, woman, & child, the game has been blessed with some incredible talent.

From Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, & Jean Grae, to the burgeoning skills of Rapsody & Nitty Scott, MC, among others, the women of Hip-Hop have shown, & proved, in effort to break free from the industry's stigma of what it takes to succeed. Bringing together a new wave of versed wordsmiths on the mic for a lethal trifecta, Queens producer, DJ JS-1 unites Dynasty, Eternia, & Sara Kana to do their thing on "Give A Damn".

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'It Is What It Isn't' Album Tracklisting:

  1. Turn The Tables (featuring O.C.)
  2. It Is What It Isn't (featuring Blacastan, Illa Ghee, &Trez)
  3. 110 Percent (featuring Breeze Brewin, Homeboy Sandman, & Kyle Rapps)
  4. Give A Damn (featuring Dynasty, Eternia, & Sara Kana)
  5. Forgotten (featuring Spit Gemz, Wes, & Nutso)
  6. Pay Attention (featuring Soul Khan)
  7. Interference (featuring Esoteric & Ras Kass)
  8. Letchuknow (featuring Strick & Eklips)
  9. Whatever It Takes (featuring Murs & Fashawn)
  10. Higher Level (featuring Brother J & Professor X)
  11. DieHard (featuring Erick Sermon, Rahzel, & Buckshot)
  12. Klick Clique (featuring KRS-One & Torae)
  13. Groom Lake (featuring C Rayz Walz)
  14. Show Shockin' (featuring El Da Sensei, Tame One, & Reef The Lost Cauze)
  15. Infinite (featuring Ruste Juxx & Sav Killz)
  16. Profreshionals (featuring Ill Bill & Slaine)
  17. Love Me Not (featuring Kurious, Craig G, & Smooth B)
  18. My Neighborhood (featuring Pack FM)
  19. Soo Real (featuring Rasheed Chappell & Wordsworth)
  20. Sample Abuser (featuring AG, Sadat X, & Neek The Exotic)
  21. STCAF (featuring Lordroc, Eternal, Melo Malo, Lifelong, Truth, & Cerebral)

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