MP3: Stream ‘9MM’ By MeRCY (@MusicByMeRCY) feat. Christyle (@ChristyleDvaDna)

MP3: Stream '9MM' By MeRCY (@MusicByMeRCY) feat. Christyle (@ChristyleDvaDna)

Fully loaded, MeRCY releases another one from the chamber with “9MM”. This round is armed with that lyrical-aggressive flow, leaving no room for the faint-of-heart. Composed by iLLustrious producer Solidified, the arsenal of drums & samples he has are undoubtedly prepped and ready for war. Female mercenary Christyle joins the brigade as well & delivers a militant hook that has the front lines ready to let off shots!!! MeRCY plans to continue dumping clips in his assault towards ‘P3’s’ release. No one’s safe…