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MP3: @SoulKhan – Stand Strang Freestyle

While he’s working on his upcoming yet-to-be named album, Soul Khan shares his spits that didn’t make it to the album over a range of beats, new & old. This time, it’s a freestyle over Smif N’ Wessun’sStand Strong” with the passion & dedication of a young Dean Strang.

You can also peep the lyrics for “Stand Strang Freestyle” below:

I seen god in a felon’s hands
As a guitar playing John Cougar Mellencamp
When I asked, “What if I’ve done all that I ever can?”
He just said, “Ooh, child, you’re wrong as a weatherman”

So come around playing for the spot I’m at?
That’s a fucking downpayment on a bodybag
‘Stead of fucking up the town wasted in my party hat
I’m on a path to lay a foundation with the Wozniaks

I know I lollygagged
but on my cardiac,
I swear to y’all I’m back rushing
On my Grant Gustin
To craft something
That doesn’t
Just vanish in a flash
A classic that’ll last
Longer than a pack of Balishag

Mr. Rogers that, mission control
The path I mentioned like a fraction of a minute ago?
Well, you might see it shimmer and glow
But not a brick of it’s gold
It’s just a lot of people piss on that road

C’mon, select a destination, if I land it
That‘s yet another step I’m taking that they can’t Aldrin
I feel like a Van Alden in a Mueller’s clothes
Fooling folks into thinking that I ain’t a damn problem

But I’m somewhat of a rap shaman
It’ll take more than doors with blood of a lamb on ‘em
‘Cause this shit’s tough
As the punches of Jack Johnson
Or a mother who can’t promise her son that his dad wants him

If I could made the hounds of hell sit
In my House on Elm, then
Who’s been around since Bel Biv
That’ll go round for round for this crown I melted?
Nobody like Alphonse Elrich

The game is to be sold, so I’mma tell it
Relegate me to a role or ever label soul a relic,
You’ve been smoking coke developed into potent Novoselic
All your base are belong to me
No appellate

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