MP3: @SlidexDillinger - Silver Bullet

MP3: @SlidexDillinger - Silver Bullet 2

Slide Dillinger, hailing from Buffalo, NY, drops his new single "Silver Bullet" off of his upcoming project 'The Wake' - COMING SOON!!! Slide Dillinger recently announced on Twitter that he would have a track or video dropping every Monday for the rest of the year.

"$piteful Monday'$" has officially started with that being said you can expect a track being released from Slide Dillinger ever single Monday until the end of the year. "Silver Bullet" is an upbeat track with an edgy hip hop vibe to it that is sure to make a couple heads nod.

Slide Dillinger In 2015 [Press Photo]

Also to mention, he is one of YRS Jerzy's newest artists who he is putting all of his focus into. For right now, enjoy this new single "Silver Bullet".

There is a lot more to come from Slide Dillinger in the future. This track was brought to you by DJ Booth!!!