MP3: @SKTheNovelist - 7 Minutes & A Crown
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MP3: @SKTheNovelist – 7 Minutes & A Crown

SK, The Novelist is an Asheville-based emcee who resides in Raleigh/Durham. Currently working on the follow-up to his 2015 EP, ‘R.I.P. To The Boom-Bap‘, the newest single titled “7 Minutes & A Crown” is the first from the upcoming free release titled ‘The Roaring Sessions‘.

SK’s trademark rhyme scheme-heavy lyrics blended with a laid-back flow create this entertaining single aimed at the so-called “Kings” of North Carolina Hip-Hop. Production includes a sampled cut from a late 2000’s Swizz Beatz jazz-infused instrumental.

“I could rap for seven minutes if I needed to / just to prove the King ain’t King”