MP3: Shorty Mack (@SwankyKing) - #NoChill

MP3: Shorty Mack (@SwankyKing) - #NoChill 3

Rapper/actor Shorty Mack drops his single "No Chill", which you can cop on iTunes on 8.14.2015 via Knockout Entertainment/Young Life Music Group/Empire Distribution.

Shorty Mack & Ray J In January 2009 [Press Photo]

The rapper, who has also played in movies such as "Coach Carter" (starring Samuel L. Jackson) & the Brandy-headlined sitcom "Moesha", regained his passion in doing music with this newfound situation.

Joe Young, rapper/CEO of Young Life Music Group, added:

"Shorty Mack, yea that's my dawg. We got some classic material together & I'm happy to be able to provide him with this situation. We at Young Life just want to provide situations for artists that have their own material but are searching for an outlet."

Shorty Mack In August 2015 [Press Photo]

Joe Young closed the deal with Empire Distribution a while back & now helps artists with providing a platform for them to release new material.