MP3: Shenna - Conversation (@ShennaMusic)
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MP3: Shenna – Conversation (@ShennaMusic)

With technology and social media degrading our ability to develop real life, interpersonal connections with each other, rising R&B/Pop sensation Shenna provides some commentary on the matter with her brand new single “Conversation“, released today (7.13.2018).

“I wrote this song because I feel that a lot of times people avoid telling someone they care about the truth, afraid they will hurt them but in reality it’s hurting both sides by not having a real personal conversation to hash out problems.” –Shenna

MP3: Shenna - Conversation (@ShennaMusic)

Conversation” comes on the heels of Shenna’s performance at L.A’s The Mint, her Reebok ad campaign, and the debut of the vibrant music video for her high-energy, Bruno Mars-inspired single “Magenta“.

Conversation” is available to stream & download on all digital platforms & retailers.