MP3: @SeanPrice & @MPhazes » Dump In The Gut

MP3: @SeanPrice & @MPhazes » Dump In The Gut

Via Coalmine Records...

In promotion of Land of the Crooks, our forthcoming collaborative extended play release from Brooklyn's Sean Price and Australia's M-Phazes which drops on December 17th, I thought I'd expand on the creative direction of the EP's artwork, which may bear a striking resemblance to the movie poster for the 1986 classic "Crocodile" Dundee. For this EP, I thought it made sense to bring the incomparable Andres Guzman back into the fold, who designed the cover for our Highway Robbery project from Guilty Simpson and Small Professor. For starters, Land of the Crooks is to be released as part of a double disc release with Highway Robbery, so having the graphic continuity was important. Furthermore, after explaining the concept to Andres, he came up with a comp that completely iced the direction that I was looking for.

The idea of doing a spin off "Crocodile" Dundee was a concept that came to mind the moment I thought of putting out this project. The movie definitely appeals to the generation of fans that would appreciate a Sean Price x M-Phazes collab. That movie poster was iconic, so to it see it translate with both P and Phazes represented on the cover is pretty dope, and hilarious. I wanted the image to maintain a certain sense of geographical identity, which explains why P's holding back project tenements that you'd find in Brownseville, while Phazes is pushing aside the Sydney Opera House. The perspective is also pretty incredible, where both the background and foreground come to a point that meet in the middle. I also advised Andres to add Gorilla's and Kangaroos to run hog wild in the street, to replace the cars and cabs from the original poster, which adds to the lawlessness that you'd suspect when you'd combine both artists. Check out both versions below and refer to either of the Pre-Order links below for the December 17th release of Land of the Crooks.

You can pre-order the 'Land Of The Crooks' EP on iTunes & Fat Beats!!!

*Please note that the CD pre-order is a double disc set which includes Guilty Simpson & Small Professor's 'Highway Robbery' album, featuring Ran Reed's '2DOPE Remix' of "On The Run".