MP3: Sanaa Lathan (@JustSanaa) feat. @DeJLoaf – Emotional

MP3: Sanaa Lathan (@JustSanaa) feat. @DeJLoaf - Emotional

So far this weekend, “The Perfect Guy” has ruled the box office, and now star Sanaa Lathan has one more treat for her fans.

The actress, and now singer, has released her debut single “Emotional” featuring an appearance by rapper DeJ Loaf.

After joking with friends about how “emotional” Michael Ealy’s psychotic character Kevin is in the film during a screening, Lathan told producer Detail she was game to record a song about it to help promote the film.

The song features Lathan venting about men who are insecure and needy with DeJ Loaf cosigning with her lyrics. It was Lathan’s idea to ask Loaf to join her on the track, telling the production company she wanted to make it “a woman thing”.

You can give Sanaa Lathan’s debut track “Emotional” a listen below…