MP3: Sam Sun (@SamuelSun9) – You’re My World

Sam Sun - You're My World [Track Artwork]

SAM SUN is a Brit pop artist and songwriter based in Lagos, NG, who channels his love for all aspects of life through genre bending music. With a background also in Hip Hop, EDM and Rap, this young male artist blends all his passions into incredibly powerful music for the body, mind, and soul.

Now after 2 years of covering other artist’s singles, SAM decided to break-out and pursue a career of being an original artist. On August 2017, SAM debuted his very first single ‘SAVE ME’, which garnered attention from Southern Australia and hip hop music fans alike, SAM was nominated at the 2017 South Australian Music Awards; “Most popular artist”. Further in September, SAM’s single gained attention Nigeria as it was nominated at the ‘Top Naija Music Awards’ for “Best Hip Hop Single 2017”, crossing over to October, SAM’s single was further appreciated and was nominated at the Hot Sound Music AWARDS 2017 for two categories; Best Music Collaboration and Best Music Video for “SAVE ME”!

This time around, SAM shows a new side of his music crossing from hip hop to indie pop as he debuts his newest single “YOU’RE MY WORLD”!

Sam Sun on November 8, 2017 [Press Photo]

The song details him as the shy kid who fell in love and couldn’t express himself to the lady he loves, coming to terms, he thought of himself as being “uncool” compared to other guys. Melodically reminiscent of Charlie Puth’s “Attention” and lyrically relatable to Ed Sheeran’s “Hearts don’t break round here”!

’YOU’RE MY WORLD’, details me as a kid who fell in love with a lady but was shy to approach her and express my feelings to her, time came time flew I had to build the courage to tell her, hoping she’ll feel the same way too. Added SAM.

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