MP3: Ronnie Walker (@IAmRonnieWalker) » This Is For The Ladies

MP3: Ronnie Walker (@IAmRonnieWalker) » This Is For The Ladies

Born Ronald Ayers on August 1 in Brooklyn, New York, Ronnie Walker has forged his own way into the entertainment industry trying his best to build an empire that consists of successful quality films, videos, songs, graphics, and photography. The oldest of four children, he had a difficult childhood, suffering years of abuse at the hands of the streets. He talks of the many desires each corner had to offer and how he had to really gain focus during his early years in Boys and Girls High School. Where he was introduce to photography. After leaving a well known street gang in New York City, he decided to transfer schools to Eastern District where he took his first cinematography class; there he learned the basics of filming and writing. Comparing the two (Photography and Cinematography) he discovered they are very much alike gaining a broader look on capturing life and its essence.

At one point, Ronnie Walker was an inspiring R&B artist. At 16, he joined his first R&B group. He was the youngest of the foursome; the other members were over 21. Ronnie Walker tried to hard to be so successful, that was the reason for the birth of this hard working aspiring to be mogul. By having such drive and desire for his music, he grew tired of waiting for photographers to take his promo pictures. He grew tired waiting for graphic designers to finish his demo CD covers. He grew tired waiting for someone to write his songs. Until he decided to pick up a few books and ask questions. One of his most talked about experiences was when he was on the set of “Music Of The Heart” (Known then as “50 Violins“). While the other extras were star struck by the well-known actors on the set, his attention was on Wes Craven. He asked so many questions and watched with two eyes wide open as the scream master worked and worked. He never forgot that “Only you can see what is in your head. The job is too find ways to make your audience see it how you want to be seen so your audience can feel what it is you feel”, spoken to him by Wes Craven.

Trying to find his way professionally, he held a series of unfulfilling opportunities before he decided to stop searching and look at what’s in front of him and use what he had in his reach to complete what he needed. Watching a showcase given by Maria Davis entitled “Mad Wednesdays”; Ronnie Walker was inspired by a comment spoken by the Harlem native on self-owned black businesses. He was so moved by the idea that he started working towards owning his own entertainment company, which will consist of Film, Music, Photography, and Graphics. He began to build this team that will leave an impressive mark on the industry after every project release. He went to friends, family, and people he knew for support.

Disappointed yet determined because he could not obtain the team and support he was looking for, Ronnie Walker continued to work odd jobs still trying to succeed in his dreams. He worked for independent companies, he filmed, designed, sang in and photographed so many know events and projects on his journey and never lost focus despite the so many failures and broken promises. Ronnie Walker never lost faith due to his belief of Gods plan for him, which was his motivation. After so many years of hard work, he finally earned enough money buy a few items for equipment.

Now Ronnie Walker has the knowledge, equipment, drive, experience, and a team. A team with the same wants and desires, the perfect recipe for success. Ronnie Walker has been working on several BIG and small budget videos, his songs playing in the club, graphics and photos were getting completed. Just when he thought his life was on the right track he got hit with a case that put his years of work on hold for another two years. After beating the case he tired to get back in the swing of things but once again the road became rough. With no equipment and a team 20 members now to 5 and with the help of a childhood friend, Ronnie Walker was able to complete a short film that starred friends and family with no budget, one hour of shooting time and two locations.

Developing quite a name for him self he plans to regain all that he lost and a million times more. Ronnie Walker refuses to give up because he lost so much in the process and believes that if he does give up it will be all for nothing. This is a true story of a man and his dream.

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