MP3: #RedAir (@Rediculus @AironAzure) - Hidden Darkness (@J57 Remix)

MP3: #RedAir (@Rediculus @AironAzure) - Hidden Darkness (@J57 Remix)

In its original form, “Hidden Darkness” by Chicago duo RedAir is a creeping, eccentric track that’s equally as menacing as it is catchy, as it teeters on the edge of madness. And in the hands of J57, the track retains its chilling elements while being injected with absolutely hypnotizing percussion.

The backbone of “Hidden Darkness” is apparent as soon as this remix begins. RedAir producer Rediculus’ dark instrumental looms overhead while singer-songwriter Airon Azure’s message of finding truth in the darkness remains clear. However, J57 flipped it into something even more experimental with his combination of speaker-punishing drums & smoky atmospherics. But what’s most impressive is that the Brooklyn-residing artist was able to piece this together in the midst of recording two ill new projects, one with Juan Deuce & the other with Koncept.

To call J57 a workhorse almost feels like an understatement, as his remix of this track is a straight-up killer. Stream J57’s take on “Hidden Darkness” below, and be on the lookout for new material from RedAir soon.

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